What Exactly Is Affordable Housing In India?

With the growing population in India, the demand for housing has increased as well; something that was not addressable earlier and has led to unauthorised and unorganised constructions or setting up of slums in urban India. Hence, responding to this issue has come out the term 'affordable housing'. Basically, what does it means and is it being accomplished in urban India? Primarily affordable housing should address the housing needs of the lower or middle-income households. In India, in parti...

Change in Real Estate Market Dynamics in 2018

The year 2017 became the year of consolidation for the real estate market. The sector witnessed some major new trends which would shape or re-shape the entire market. New legislation and schemes such as RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act), REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), Demonetisation, GST (Goods and Services Tax), The Benami Transaction Act and granting affordable housing, the status of infrastructure has brought transactions in real estate to a somewhat standstill. Yet the ...

Housing for All: A Paradigm of Change

In a country as young and still developing as India, it’s of paramount importance that its people are at least provided with all the basic amenities for its holistic development. With Indian cities getting overpopulated and rapid urbanization taking place, affordable housing has emerged as a major concern and it’s so on cards for the Indian Government and real estate authorities. The foundation stones of it are already being laid all over the country. Government schemes aiming to provide a co...

RERA: A Blessing to Buyers

Real Estate became an industry based on lopsided transactions and in favour of developers. But things are about to change with the introduction of RERA (Real  Estate Regulation and Development Act) by the Government of India on May 1, 2017. It aims to create a more fair and equitable transaction between buyers and builders of real estate. It’s about to bring accountability and transparency in the entire real estate market. Till date, there was no guarantee or warranty of any kind in...