Luxury Homes: The Right Bets for NRI’s to Invest in India

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It isn't hidden that how charming the idea of owning a property in one’s homeland is? An investment in one's homeland has always been a motivation behind the NRIs decision to invest in the real estate in India. Taking it in consideration, recently, Network 18’ organised a Global Conclave for Indian Realty (GCIR)  in Dubai that wrapped up its second edition of knowledge series that aimed at engaging NRIs and making them aware about the “Right Bets” in the luxury homes which included the “Dos...

5 Tips to Help You Settle in Your New Home!

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Having a home is a dream come true, each one of us wants our own little space which we can call ours. But the bigger task comes in when you become a new home buyer. It is a cluttered job that one has to unwillingly go through, no matter how excited you are to move into your new place, your first few weeks will probably feel foreign and, well, a little weird. Although, as time passes the feeling of 'newness' goes away or fades with creating new memories like celebrating a birthday, planting a ga...

Real Estate: One of the Best Sector to Boost Your Economy

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According to the research report of CREDAI, it’s assumed that by the tip of the 21st century around 305 million people in India can create cities and satellite towns in their home ground. The massive property market of India permits land availability in India at certain terms and conditional parameters. To urge something distinct below one roof is equally simple as well as a tough task at an equivalent time. This involves partnership, brokerage, agents, and direct contracts with developers and b...

Noida Authority Promises Water Supply with Land for Residents

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The Noida-Greater Noida authorities have come up with various methods for conserving groundwater, stop its depletion and also rainwater harvesting. This step has been taken in accordance with the order given by the national green tribunal (NGT) to take a step for effective groundwater conservation and also to prepare a roadmap for its conservation. Also, the NGT has banned the use of ground water for construction practices in the city. What’s to be noted is that the area has around three to four...

NCR — India’s Largest Residential Market

Delhi being the very capital city of an overpopulated country such as India would obviously have high demand in case of its residential sector. Hence, owing to the problem of the capital getting clustered, way back in 1962, the Government was forced to create satellite cities for Delhi due to the growing population and shortage of land mass for industrialization. That’s when, the neighboring states like Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh came into consideration for developing the satellite cit...