Potential of Green Real Estate in Indian Market

World is getting smarter by the day owing to all the technological, economic and environmental advancements happening around us. In the era of Generation X (Born between 1965 to 1979) the focus was on economic development while era of Generation Y (Born between 1980 to 1994) was dominated by Technological and Economic development. But the era of Generation Z (Born between 1995 to  2015) has witnessed an age of balance where troika of Technology-Economics-Environment is being given equal imp...

How VR and AR are Transforming Real Estate Industry

Technology has more or less disrupted many businesses, though the pace of diffusion of Technology across different industries has not been the same. Real Estate is one of the industries that has seen a high degree of tech adoption across different functions ranging from Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Operations. Though traditional marketing channels have a role to play in the buyer journey but their primary importance has shifted to Attention Phase. Technology led Digital Channels are b...

Luxury Homes: The Right Bets for NRI’s to Invest in India

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It isn't hidden that how charming the idea of owning a property in one’s homeland is? An investment in one's homeland has always been a motivation behind the NRIs decision to invest in the real estate in India. Taking it in consideration, recently, Network 18’ organised a Global Conclave for Indian Realty (GCIR)  in Dubai that wrapped up its second edition of knowledge series that aimed at engaging NRIs and making them aware about the “Right Bets” in the luxury homes which included the “Dos...

Impact of Co-working Spaces on Commercial Realty

Commercial Real Estate in India has seen a seismic shift off late. A lot of business model level disruptive innovations have changed how Commercial Real Estate is perceived by consumers and businesses.  Last decade has been quite a remarkable one as huge transitions have taken place in the working culture. India is the  youngest nation of startups where 72% of CEOs are below 35 years. The millennial work force has lapped up the concept of co-working spaces with both hands. Th...

Why Sustainable Real Estate is the Need of the Hour?

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Sustainable Real Estate was a buzz word Real Estate during the last decade but now people are very concerned about the importance of sustainability in every walk of life be it agriculture, packaging, and construction. So with these evolving times, sustainable development has now become a major focus area for the developers in the real estate industry. UEPA (US Environment Protection Agency) defines sustainable real estate development as the method of utilizing technologies for maintaining enviro...