Luxury Homes: The Right Bets for NRI’s to Invest in India

It isn’t hidden that how charming the idea of owning a property in one’s homeland is? An investment in one’s homeland has always been a motivation behind the NRIs decision to invest in the real estate in India. Taking it in consideration, recently, Network 18’ organised a Global Conclave for Indian Realty (GCIR)  in Dubai that wrapped up its second edition of knowledge series that aimed at engaging NRIs and making them aware about the “Right Bets” in the luxury homes which included the “Dos and Don’ts of buying a property in India”.

The event that was held at Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel on October the 22ndin Dubai was attended by the marquee of the developers and property expert’s fraternity. The conclave’s primary aim was to update the NRIs about the latest developments the Indian realty market has undergone with its special emphasis on luxury homes.

The Conclave also paved a roadmap navigating these global citizens about this newly RERA regulated sector while cautioning investors about the probable pitfalls they can have. The panellists on the board commented on the high depreciation of the rupee.

The Conclave saw an agreement of the panelists who strongly believed that it is an optimum time to invest in India. In fact, investing in co-living spaces and luxury homes an easily yield a high rent value after they’ve made the investments. The panel came to a conclusion stating that it would be ideal to rent out homes while they are away in the alien land as renting not only generates income but is also a good asset management trick.

It was suggested that if you’re a first time NRI investor, it will be better if you could do a complete reiki of the area you are interested to invest in simply by clarify all your doubts with the developer and not pay up the entire house value instantly. What could be more sensible is: to opt for a ready to move in property rather than an ambiguous under-construction project.

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