Co-working Spaces: Opportunities for Developers

India has geared up to the concept of co-working spaces, which experienced significant investments in the past few years. Our country is the 3rd largest startup hubs in the world with 72% of founders are below the age of 35. A study of 2017 about co-working ecosystem says that the potential of co-working spaces is evident, and it will be touching 8.5 million seats by 2020. Co-working spaces are highly preferred by the millennia’s and these spaces are introduced to the world to make a differ...

Optionality for Developers: Either Go for New Tax Regime or Continue With the Old One

The GST council meeting held in February revamped the existing tax structure acting in the realty sector. Earlier it was 12% on real estate and 5% on affordable housing inclusive of Input Tax Credit. Input Tax Credit or ITC is the credit on the material used in the project. But in the meeting, the tax structure was revised to 5% on real estate and 1% on affordable housing without ITC. This move was somehow beneficial for the buyers, but the developers were unhappy. Their concern was not with the...