How VR and AR are Transforming Real Estate Industry

Technology has more or less disrupted many businesses, though the pace of diffusion of Technology across different industries has not been the same. Real Estate is one of the industries that has seen a high degree of tech adoption across different functions ranging from Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Operations. Though traditional marketing channels have a role to play in the buyer journey but their primary importance has shifted to Attention Phase. Technology led Digital Channels are b...

Latest Technologies that Are Leveraging the Real Estate Industry

virtual realty
Technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Virtual Reality has made impactful changes in almost every industry. Stakeholders of the real estate industry are leveraging these new technologies for a seamless and efficient process. This blog highlights some of the innovations that are currently changing the dynamics of the real estate industry. Virtual Reality VR uses graphics and images to visualize the site on completion. It allows developers to make ...